An extension for Roosenberg Abbey

— 2021, Waasmunster, Belgium
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Dom Hans van der Laan’s Roosenberg Abbey in Waasmunster superimposes vulnerability with an elemental monumentality.

How can this heritage come to life, without losing its elementary immediacy and natural nearness?

How can an addition create breathing space for future habitation, while leaving the monument intact?

The invitation to reflect on an extension for Roosenberg Abbey allowes us to rethink Dom Hans van der Laan's Architectonic Space within the themes of care and vulnerability. Van der Laan introduces philosophical spatial concepts such as NATURE-ARCHITECTURE, INSIDE-OUTSIDE, MASS-SPACE, in order to humanise architecture. Roosenberg Abbey, being conceptualised through physical proximity, embodies these essential concepts. How can we translate them into new and contemporary environments of social well-being?

Following the rhythm of the abbey, an extension accommodates a small palliative care unit with ten rooms and communal spaces. It also provides all functional and technical needs (accessible rooms, new elevator, bathhouse,...) that support the original building.

  • For: Zorg met Zorg
  • Restauration in collaboration with: Barbara Van Der Wee Architecten, SUM Projects + Research

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