(Re)conversion of a barn

— 2020, Auvergne, France
180722 Lamourette

Reconversion of the central bays of a barn from 1982 into a house with a winter and summer part.

  • artisans: Jean-Pierre Maignol (general works), Dany De Muyer (timber framing, roof, windows and stairs), Jean-Noël Blanchonnet (heating and plumbing), Jean-Christophe Berthon (electricity), Michel Grammont/Au Plaisir du Bois (interior glass and joinery)
  • Hemp lime for walls, self-crafted: Bart Brughmans, David Van Snick, VOET Architectuur experiments with Laura Steenbeke and Thomas Dreezen

210112 Lamourette exploded view high res
180205 Lamourette maquette foto 2
180205 Lamourette maquette foto 3
210124 CVOET detail spant7
Grange lamourette b05
190628 Lamourette
Grange lamourette 01
Grange lamourette 02
Grange lamourette b12
Grange lamourette 03
LAM1 2
Snede AA
Snede BB
Detail spant 2