CCHA omkaderd, al 50 jaar een levendig modernistisch gebouw

— 2022, Hasselt, Belgium
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This exhibition not only puts the special architecture of Isia Isgour in the spotlight, but also the commissioning of the city of Hasselt. A beautiful combination of timeless architecture, human vision and enthusiasm.

Isia Isgour designed a functional building in a simple structure of concrete, steel and glass. After his unexpected death, architects Louis Peeters and Etienne Vreven continued to follow this project with the same skill, initiative and impetus. Letters between mayor Paul Meyers and contractor Gerard Houben take you on the elan of the past and form a unique piece of heritage on its own!

  • Curator: VOET architectuur
  • Scenography and illustrations: York Bing Oh and Malgorzata Maria Olchowska
  • Graphic Design: Jean-Michel Meyers
  • In collaboration with: Scale Collective, Laura Lievevrouw (KU Leuven), Architectuurwijzer; Peggy Totté, Roel De Ridder, Brent Vanheyst, Lieve Drooghmans

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Foto 15 09 2022 16 06 31